Frans wig from FFXII


This is a walkthrough of my wig for Fran from FFXII. I am a sucker for updo wigs, I just love to do them.

01 Fran FFXII Wig stubbing

At first I stubbed the wig. I’m not going through the process of stubbing here, there are various tutorials on the internet. I could have used a little less hair, just as a base for the foamcore.

02 Fran FFXII Wig foamcore

Here I added the formcore to achieve her hilarious head proportions. The foamcore was covered with hair in advance. You can see that it uses less space on the stubbed part than I calculated.

03 Fran FFXII Wig covering foamcore with hair

After the foamcore was dried, I pulled up the lower hair to the foamcore. I did this in layers because it’s way easier to handle like this.

04 Fran FFXII Wig tied up

This is how the foamcore looks when it’s covered. If I had had more hair (eg from less stubbing), then it would look better already in this step. But it works out.

05 Fran FFXII Wig tied up with additional hair

Because I added additional hair here, also to cover the edges of the rubberbands.

06 Fran FFXII Wig bangs pulled back

As long as the wig doesn’t have a ponytail, making it hard to handle,  I did the widows peak. For this  the bangs are pulled back. I used a hairdryer on low heat to really have them lie flat. You can see I also added a mesh to the front.

07 Fran FFXII Wig lacefront

On the mesh I ventilated the widows peak. I have a tutorial for that, just wait a little, it’s coming up next.

09 Fran FFXII Wig ponytail

After the widows peak was finished, the long hair for the ponytail was added. You can see that I still have some hair hanging down.

10 Fran FFXII Wig finished ponytail

In the last step, I pulled up the remaining hair to have a smooth transition to the ponytail. The ponytail and the sidebangs were then styled into the final look.

11 Fran FFXII Wig finished

Finished picture! View the whole costume here. Thanks to Yumi for the pic!


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